Mas Oms, a new concept of agrotourism in Spain.

Do you want local, organic products on your plate? Mas Oms, your genuine masia in Spain, invites you to enjoy just that at each meal.

Mas Oms, a chic agrotourism in Catalunya and the pleasure of eating well!


At Mas Oms, you will enjoy healthy, zero-mile, totally natural cooking that is made with organically grown ingredients from our vegetable garden. It’s a celebration of quality and simplicity where vegetables reign supreme and rival the edible flowers for beauty. It’s a return to source, to the real aromas and the right flavour of things. Each meal will take you on a genuine culinary journey.

Our restaurant is closed on wednesdays. Breakfast is served daily.

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We prepare a healthy breakfast so that everyone has what they need to start their day.

Because breakfast is the key to enjoying an energetic day, we offer breakfast with both sweet and salty options to get the day started properly. Our fresh fruit and vegetable juices go perfectly with the products of your agrotourism in Catalonia. Want to change your eating habits to feel better all day long? Enjoy your stay in your hotel restaurant in Spain: we advise you on what suits you best. At Mas Oms, the healthy breakfast is included with the rooms.

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Each lunch time and evening, your hotel restaurant in Spain offers a dish of the day to share with family or friends

At Mas Oms, we cook a daily special made with organic and local products. We take the time to peel the vegetables and cook up delicious meals for you. We offer you a beautiful dish of the day that respects everyone’s tastes, needs and wishes. Every evening and lunch time, our hotel restaurant in Spain welcomes you on the terrace with a breathtaking view of the mountains or inside by the fireplace in winter.

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To accompany the meal or as an aperitif, your agriturismo in Spain offers a fine selection of local natural wines.

Nothing better to accompany a meal than a good glass of wine. We take care of the grain so that you have a selection of wines suited to the menu and to your tastes. We favor organic and natural wines. Let yourself be guided by our recommendations to discover the bottles of the corner and elsewhere.